Voiles Sud History

Voiles Sud has a fascinating story... It started back in 1989, where Yvan Monnard not only had a passion for sailing, but for everything related to the technical aspect of a sail.


He started his apprenticeship by reading probably everything that had been written on the sails' dynamics at that time. He then added a hands-on experience with Voiles Saintonge in Qu├ębec city, learning all the production steps from the design stage, with the help of specialized software, to actually sewing the sails.


Feeling he was now ready for his own business, he opened his sail loft in 1989 and "Les petites voiles" allowed him to bring his passion alive. It is in 1991 that the loft located in Mirabel changes name and from then on, the sails are labelled "Voiles Sud".


Five years later, as the sailing market starts to evolve, a partner is added to the business: Hong Kong Sailmaker brings in its experience to make our sails. The result is clearly positive: the sails meet perfectly the performance and durability expectations as they are produced with the finest fabrics according our spec's, therefore taking into consideration the North American sailing conditions.


Time goes by and our passionate sailmaker decides for an early retirement at... 75! It is not an easy task to find the right person to replace him, but that person finally shows up: in July 2007, Yvon Locas takes the helm of Voiles Sud with the same level of passion, clearly required for this type of job. Yvon will acquire all the necessary knowledge and benefit from Yvan's experience through companionship training.


Today, having built on this experience and Yvon's own background, Voiles Sud is working consistently on producing sails that meet our clients' expectations, in line with their navigation plans.